Spring it!

A crocus grows in Brooklyn and what a joy to behold!

crocus grows in brooklyn

Perhaps some credit goes to the weather, but these cards sprung outta me mainly due to the creativity that can be induced when you get a room full of rabid crafters together – including Type A personality scrap bookers – that are sometimes found at the Etsy Lab. On the night I describe, I have to say there was one lady a little too attached to the paper die cutter but I can reveal no more. What happens in the lab…stays in the lab. Crafters Code (section 217)

These cards look far more girlie than usual for me but you gotta let the vibrations flow through – or something like that! All I know with any certainty is adhesive, candy pink glitter lace should be illegal. I survived quite well to this point without it. Now… not so sure.

Here’s me posing in the Etsy Lab photo booth