I felt shock

‘Needle Felting’ and ‘Extravaganza’ are not three words I thought could ever live naturally together in a sentence until I saw an exhibition with this title the other day. The exhibition featuring work from Japanese artists – Moxie + Hine Mizushima + Kit Lane + Yoko Nomura – gives a new definition to dedication to your craft!

Here are some more pics of these amazing felted creatures

Now, imagine taking 1/200th of the amount of time with a piece of felt and you might come up with something like these little felties.

Not remotely in the same league as you can see – but my friend reminded me of that famous Confucius saying: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Now, talking about Japan…I’m planning a fundraising Japanese craft day to raise money for Japan: ‘May Day for Japan’. It will be in May, stay tuned for more details. At the very least I’m trying to find someone who can show us how to make origami cranes. They have thwarted me for too long!


  1. thecraftaholic says:

    hey there! I missed you then!
    Did you like it a lot?

    1. gemmageez says:

      Hi, yes I missed you because I was so late. I did love it! So kooky. Did you like it?

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