Is Cobra-dini heading to Brooklyn?

The Bronx Zoo announced yesterday that a deadly cobra – nicknamed Cobra-dini, is ‘missing’ from his enclosure. The handlers are sure he is hiding nearby and will reappear when he is hungry (!)

Now, it’s a little known fact there is a zoo in Brooklyn on 17th Street in Park Slope right in someone’s front yard.

Perhaps his dash for freedom is headed that way. The boundaries are a little looser there that’s for sure.

It would be perfect for Cobra-dini. It’s close to the subway where the rat population could do with a good cull plus there are no natural predators here. There certainly have been no honey badger sitings. God knows, whoever created this zoo is as mad as a cut snake so Cobra-dini might just be in perfect company.

I’m pretty sure these guys won’t mind.

This guy might, but I’m sure there’s plenty of food to go ’round.

Inspired by this still mysterious disappearance, I’ve drawn a picture of Cobra-dini using the continuous lines and working the lines techniques I learned with Carla Sonheim at Etsy Labs.

Here’s to you Cobra-dini…wherever you may be! Everyone needs to escape from their life occasionally.

And using the colour techniques learned from Carla, here’s the lion on the doorstep that appears to be overseeing it all.