Who cares about the kif?! Gimme the threads.

There’s a place called Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains, not too far from Tangier, Morocco – known for its ancient tradition of producing – and enjoying – ‘kif’ (hashish). The views are stunning and the village has such a charming, peaceful atmosphere you could easily chill out there for a few weeks, which I’m sure many of the kif lovin’ backpackers do.

However, it’s not the kif that I fell in love with, it’s the textiles. The women make and wear beautiful, striped woven wraps around their waist and shoulders as part of their traditional wear.

I was lured into a little store tucked away in the medina where I gulped in a den of glorious stripes. So many blankets in different colours and textures. The shop is set-up as a women’s co-operative to support the local women. The textiles are either made from wool or cotton. A few of my relatives can expect to see these for their birthdays! They would be beautiful as a bed cover or the thinner ones would be great for the beach. They also make table linen and head scarves.

These are made from wool.

These ones are made from cotton.

Some have coloured trimmings.

Now as it happens I have a veeeeeeery SMALL amount of experience with weaving at The Textile Arts Centre in Brooklyn so now I can really understand the amount of time and the level of craftsmanship that goes into the these Moroccan textiles. Now I’m going to do a bit more research into these women’s co-ops which are actually all over Morocco supporting all kinds of other handcrafts and businesses.


  1. annag13 says:

    Ooh, beautiful stripes! I hope that me, or maybe baby A&A, are on the gift list!
    A : )

    1. gemmageez says:

      We’ll see hey?! There are actually some other textiles destined for baby AA :o)

  2. raraglamour says:

    Well, I am a relative of yours, and I do expect to receive some of these stripes for my birthday. Shame I didn’t notice all that fabric when I visited Chefchoauen many years ago…. could have had something to do with all that ‘kif’! ; )

    1. gemmageez says:

      Yes I’m sure there were many other things you were more interested in at the time ;o)

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