PANK: Professional Aunt No Kids

According to Sunday Life magazine, 22 December, PANK cuts through the spinster stereotype. Great I say. Finally there is an acronym for me. I will add an ‘S’ for Single. Should I add it to the beginning or the end!? SPANK or PANKs? It’s certainly better than the word ‘spinster’ – a wor that suggests there’s no love in your life.

As I come to the end of the road of another relationship, He said to me that I’m a spinster. This was in response to me saying he is really a bachelor at heart. He was with someone else for 15 years before meeting me. I don’t think he has the heart to invest in a woman again on a deeper level – even if she is ‘the best thing that’s ever happened to him’. Sadly the cat who can’t be left alone too long and the business always come first. Plus the inner west is another planet after-all from the eastern beaches and there’s not enough UK expats for comfort.

Spinster. I think it’s such a negative sounding word. ‘Batchelor’ doesn’t sound half as bad. The real difference is I’m not a spinster at heart. I would love a shared life with a man who would like the same.

So as the year winds to a close, as does this relationship, I sign up to be SPANK’d.

And I am grateful every day for the gift my siblings have given me – the joy of being an aunty.






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