This makes sense! I have about 10 notebooks full of ideas from over the last 8 years. I bet there’s some gems hidden in there!

PANK: Professional Aunt No Kids

According to Sunday Life magazine, 22 December, PANK cuts through the spinster stereotype. Great I say. Finally there is an acronym for me. I will add an ‘S’ for Single. Should I add it to the beginning or the end!? SPANK or PANKs? It’s certainly better than the word ‘spinster’ – a wor that suggests…

7 Ways to Nurture Your Creative Soul

Alas, like all creatives, you are also prone to the comfort of routines, especially when your team grows and you have more assets and specific processes to follow. When this happens, it can become difficult to be objective about your work. It’s important to assess where you stand—what is the creative quality of your work and, more importantly, what must improve?

It was a great day to dye

So much fun experimenting with folding, dip dyeing and tying. This is natural indigo dye and synthetic cyan. So easy to do at home. Have you ever tried it?

Masking tape magic with Craft Punk

Craft Punk run workshops at The Powerhouse Museum. Their set up for screenprinting was so effective with three printing stations each using just one different colour. The screens had images on them already and there were some blank (open) ones too. Who needs a stencil when good ol’ masking tape works a treat for one…